Is Flat Roofing Really Good For Homes?

Is Flat Roofing Really Good For Homes?

Flat roofing is a roofing technique where a roof is constructed with a thin layer of tiles or shingles applied to the entire roof, rather than only the roof surface. 

This kind of roofing may be structurally less complicated, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good enough system. In fact, flat roofing generally requires less maintenance and is more durable than traditional roofing techniques.

Flat roof structures are typically used in commercial and industrial applications such as shopping malls, and schools. 

Because they are made up almost entirely of flat, planar roof panels, flat roofs are also used as a style of roof covering for spaces such as garages, attics, and warehouses. But with time, our team at Higgins Roofing Solutions is seeing residential spaces adopting this method of roofing as well. 

The Advantages Of Flat Roofing Your Home

One of the greatest benefits of flat roofing is that it provides an increase in insulation properties. The flat roof design also allows for greater thermal insulation, which reduces the building’s energy costs and makes the home comfortable to live in. This is particularly beneficial in hot climates where flat roofs can reduce your home’s energy consumption by up to 50%. 

The flat roof also creates a more efficient envelope in which to make your home more comfortable. For instance, you can add a ceiling fan or a skylight to a flat roof without the need for additional roof structure.

On top of that, the main benefit of flat roofing is that it makes the most of the space around the home. A reduced roof overhang means more light and better views outdoors for the homeowner.

Flat Roofs Are Also Cheaper To Build

On the other hand, the benefits of flat-roofed buildings include that they are more energy efficient, less expensive to construct than traditional ones, and that they require less maintenance.

The greatest benefit, however, is one that you won’t see on the surface: they are easier to insulate and cheaper to cool. Flat roofs have become very popular in new construction, due to their numerous benefits.

In general, there’s another reason that flat roofing is beneficial for homes and businesses. This is due to the fact that the pitch of the roof can be increased where it is needed to provide additional stability and safety by adding structural support in those areas. 

This can be accomplished by increasing the strength or thickness of the roofing material, or by increasing the number of roof battens used to support the load. 

It requires no additional installation padding and can help you save money and simplify your construction project. 

This roofing method also adds a new, sleek look to buildings, which can help attract tenants and customers. Most importantly, flat roofing offers safety by keeping your workers, guests, and family members from the weather.

Go Eco-Friendly With Flat Roofing

Flat roofing comes with many aesthetic benefits, notably lower maintenance costs. It is also an ecologically friendly choice, as it largely eliminates the need to use roofing tar on your roof. 

The use of flat roofing makes a roof more aerodynamic, which helps reduce air drag and increase fuel efficiency, and it also tends to reduce noise, by preventing the flapping of the roof during high winds.

With a flat roof, it is much easier for you to build a deck, create a patio, or add a sunroom than if your roof were pitched. 

Pitching can make a roof look more interesting, but it can also make the roof more expensive to build and insure. A flat roof also can be easier to work with on a budget, and is more efficient to lay on than a pitched roof.

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